Dreamy Italy: Massa Lubrense

Dress: Zara | Knit: Club Monaco | Shoes: PLV | Esmae’s Dress: Bonpoint | Esmae’s Shoes: Gucci


Dreamy, heavenly, unreal. Those are the words that come to mind when I think back to Massa Lubrense. But lets backtrack and start with the beginning of our trip.

We had a nonstop overnight flight from Toronto-to-Rome and arrived to Italy in the morning. Esmae did really well, she fell asleep as we boarded, slept straight through and woke up in the morning post landing. When traveling with children, overnight flights are ideal.

We then picked up our rental car and left Rome, drove through Naples, over to Sorrento and then our final stop was the Relais Blu Hotel. It sounds like a lot to do in one day, but in reality the drive should take only about 3-4 hours. But if you’ve ever been to Italy before, you already know how scenic, beautiful and captivating it is, so about 30 pit stops later, we arrived after a 7-hour duration.

Side note: I wanted to mention when booking a rental car in Italy, its actually better to not book ahead of time and book a car when you are there. Both times when we visited Italy, the car we rented and paid for ahead of time was never available. They give you “whats left” sort-of-speak, and you don’t get a refund. So for next time, we will just book what is available when we arrive to avoid paying unnecessary fees and save a few hundred dollars.

We checked into a beautiful Suite at Relais Blue, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and the stunning island of Capri. There are truly no words to describe how beautiful and serene this hotel is and its views. We had a magical 3 days here, and wished we stayed much longer. I absolutely loved how this coast is free of crowded tourists, 15 minutes from Capri via boat, and about 20 minutes from Sorrento.

This part of our trip felt like a slice of heaven and we would highly recommend it. You still get the beautiful coastline feel, minus the tourists and crowds. I feel that this part of our trip is totally accessible with kids, if your kids travel well.


**Please leave other questions below for me to answer in my next Italy posts when I discuss Capri,

Positano, Amalfi, Tuscany, Florence and Rome. 


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  1. Such beautiful pics!!!! Please, please, please post stuff you liked about Rome too! ❤️🤗 xoxo

  2. Would love to hear more about your trip in the next cities since we are planning a trip to Europe in September. Tell me about must see places, your favorite restaurants, hotels you’d recommend and any other tips traveling in Italy.
    Thanks in advance! 🙂

  3. What did you do about jet lag for your daughter? Traveling with my 9 month old overseas from NYC.

    • We just tried to keep her up as much as possible and would let her sleep when we slept (at night). Its hard for the first 1-2 days but gets so much easier!!

  4. beautiful just unreal and a dream come true if I ever visit Europe. For me it’s hard to travel with kids and prob would be just hubby and I and can’t wait to hear more about your trip. I always wonder how much money would you need to bring there and no wouldn’t go to crazy with shopping but just few things here and there and who did you book thru? thanks love 😙

    • Europe is beautiful and you and your husband will enjoy it! I highly recommend not to bring to much cash and just take more out from an ATM if you need it, due to higher pocket picketing and robbing in some cities in Europe!

  5. How manny naps E takes and how did u manage it on trips?
    Also, when u landed how did u deal with sleep deprivation while E was up (cuz sheslept on the plane)?
    I hav a little girl and these thoughts kill my motive for a europe trip 🙁

    • Esmae takes 1 nap usually, sometimes when we travel she will take 2. On trips she had no problem falling asleep and staying asleep in a stroller. I would try to plan things out around her nap time. For example if she normally naps from 1-3, then at 12:45 we would go on a walk, and when she passes out, we would then head to a restaurant to eat lunch etc. Made everything so easy and simple! And we were still able to enjoy ourselves and relax!

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