First Family trip to St. Lucia


We had the pleasure of visiting this gorgeous Island, and we loved every minute of it.

Continue reading if you want to hear a little about our adventures in St Lucia.


My Top | My Skirt | Esmae’s Swimsuit

Swimsuit from Bambini Fashion 

Dress (Click Here

Swimsuit by Gucci (from last year), Hair piece by Fancy Free Finery

Dress (old) Similar here | and here

Dress (Click Here) | Shoes from Bambini Fashion

Click here for shoes

Polka Dot Dress | Both shoes (mine & hers) by Gucci

Personalized Robe by Dainty Robes

Esmae’s dress Voila Bebe Shop | Stroller | My dress | Sandals

Inglesina Stroller

Baby Sunglasses

Dress | Belt | Sunglasses

Dress Voila Bebe Shop | Sunglasses | Headband @Fetesandfables

Headband @fetesandfables | swimsuit (here) (here) (and here

Saint Lucia

I wasn’t really sure where to start with this post, because I have something to say in so many categories, but I figured the Island is a good place to begin. St. Lucia is known for its mountain views, natural waterfalls, and out-of-this-world aqua beaches. It’s often called the “Hawaii of the East”, which made its way on our bucket list years ago.

Upon arrival you can see where the mountains touch the waters and shades of aqua fill the sea from your airplane window, and it literally takes your breathe away. A quick passport check and we were on our way to the Royalton St Lucia, which happened to be completely on the tip of the other side of the island. We had a rollercoaster of a ride, taking about 1.5 hours. And I say rollercoaster because the roads literally lead you up and down mountains, but luckily we had the chance to see the entire island just by driving to our destination, pit stops included because there area a lot of raw beaches and view points the driver wanted us to see!

We checked into the Royalton, which is a new all-inclusive resort in St. Lucia and from first impression we absolutely loved what we saw! We booked a swim-out room because we figured it would be a great way to enjoy the stay with Esmae, and it was incredibly convenient! Highly recommend! The resort is modern/contemporary styled, clean and simple. We loved the layout/style/ambiance!

The resort offers a few restaurants for dinner dining; Italian, Japanese, American, West Indies, Culinary Experience (course-dining), Seafood and a buffet open for breakfast-lunch-dinner. Typical for an all inclusive resort. The restaurant food was good (7-8/10) and the buffet food had a lot of options, but tase wise I would rate it a 6.5/10. I was not impressed with the buffet in this resort. I was impressed with the variety of options, but disappointed in the dessert and fruit selection! (No Biggie for us though, probably better for our waistlines anyways, haha!). There is also a cute little cafe shop in the lobby for espressos and other coffee/tea beverages, dessert, and ice cream which we visited daily. Next to the pool and beach there is a food truck offering burgers, fries, hot dogs, onion rings, chicken, coleslaw, and nachos for those poolside munchies.

The pools and beach areas all had comfy lounge chairs, cabanas and umbrellas. The design is very well done, and sets the right kind of mood for your stay.

This resort also offers an upgraded stay (Diamond Club) and an adults only area (Hideaway). They cater amazingly to kids with a water park, dry playground, a trampoline, and an indoor kids playroom. There are also a load of activities you can do on and off the resort! Next time we would love to explore the island more!

We definitely plan to return to this resort and Island in the future, despite any negatives we may have had, the benefits outweigh the negatives by far.

Inglesina Trilogy Travel Stroller

I loved to take walks with Esmae before and after dinner in my Inglesina Trilogy Stroller. This is my first trip traveling with this lightweight Inglesina Stroller, and I must say, the more I used it the more I loved it. It fully reclined for all her outdoor naps, and was very comfortable to both stroll, pack away and travel with. I loved how the canopy unzips with a net layer, to give her fresh air during naps. The basket underneath also was a great storage container for me daily. I bought a stroller bag (Click here) on amazon to keep this stroller safe during our flight there and back. This stroller made our trip so much easier, especially when Esmae would sleep through dinner and give us a little break.

Esmae’s Outfits

The weather was amazing during our entire weeklong stay, making it so fun to dress up and down. I kept my wardrobe fairy casual for this trip because I knew I would be chasing a toddler daily. But of course I completely overpacked for Esmae, because it was impossible to choose just a handful of outfits. I partnered up with Bambini Fashion, and Voila Bebe Shop for Esmae’s outfits. Each piece is tagged in photos above.

Bambini Fashion is an online children’s boutique offering the latest selection of designer children’s items. They get new arrivals weekly, and have some of the best brands and styles I have seen! I styles a few pieces from Bambini during the trip, and will be styling them all spring and summer long! They also have designer sales, and offer free shipping too! Highly Recommend!

For day-night looks, I styles esmae in dresses from Voila Bebe shop, which has become one of my favorite shops to visit weekly! The selection and price points of this shop are amazing! There are so many brands offered, and the selection of European styled baby clothing is outstanding.


Packing Essentials 

When packing for a toddler, my essentials include the following:

Diapers, swimmable diapers, rash cream/honest healing balm

Children’s Tylenol, benedryl (because you never know!!)

50-100SPF sunscrean and aloe vera gel

Bottles (I brought 2), travel size dish soap and bottle wand

Sippy cup for water

Holle Formula (Esmae still takes a bottle before naps/sleep, and I was so nervous to give her the milk they offer there, so I brought an organic formula with me just incase. She normally never drinks/drank formula, but she had no problem with it when I offered it during our trip).

Sun hat

2-4 Bathing suits

Long sleeve cotton/linen blouse/top to protect her from the sun

A few dinner outfits

A few day outfits

2 cooler day/night outfits/ cardigans – I brought my Oscar Et Valentine pieces

Water shoes


Snacks for the plane

Dry Snacks for the trip (puffs, pretzels)

iPad with downloaded cartoons you can watch with or without wifi



Thanks for stopping by! I hope this post is useful !

Feel free to leave questions below, and I will do my best to answer them!

Xo, Victoria 




Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with Bambini Fashion, Voila Bebe Shop, and Inglesina. 


  1. Looks awesome! We’ve been considering this resort. Here are my questions: How is the access to the beach from the adult-only section? It looked far away from the beachfront. What was the temperature range daily? And did you have good service? Thanks! Loved the post. 🏖

    • Hi Leigh,

      Thanks for reading, I hope these answers help you. The access to the beach is quick, easy and direct from all sides of the resort. But it all depends on your room. We had a room in the building furthest away from the beach, so it took us about 3-5 min max to walk to the beach. But we did see the beach directly straight ahead from our room. I liked that the beach was open and can be easily seen, unlike other resorts I’ve stayed on where the beach is covered by bushes or something similar before you see it. But I will say the beach is small, and not too large. But the resort is not too large so we never felt crowded.

      The temperature was 80-85 every single day. And this is their winter season currently.

      The service was not the best here, but we didn’t really mind to be honest because we don’t really ever need anything. We don’t drink so we had water bottles by the beach/pool. I had my own snacks for Esmae too. For dinner (in restaurants) the service was good! But in the buffet it was mediocre. But like I said before it didn’t phase us too much.

  2. Beautiful photos, stunning outfits and your little one is SO adorable in her sunnies…so.darn.cute.! They make her look like such a little stylish diva (and her darling outfits you chose are a bonus) I love it!

  3. Such a great little trip. St Lucia is on my list too. Probably a lot further from Australia but that won’t stop us! My concern was the 1.5 hr journey to the hotel with a toddler but I guess if she’s got her snacks and mum & dad then it’s ok? My girl is just on 5 mths and we’re looking at a holiday (overseas anyway) maybe closer to when she’s one, at least then she’ll be walking (hopefully). It looks like more fun when Esmae can actually engage in her surroundings and be more mobile, would you agree?

    • I absolutely agree that once she is one she will be more aware. But traveling before a walking/crawling stage is easier (especially flying) because they stay more put. Something to consider!! 🙂

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