Traveling with a Busy Toddler

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Hi there! I just wanted to stop in and share a few traveling tips that keep a busy toddler busy! Luckily Esmaé is a pretty good traveler and loves to nap everywhere, but we have plenty of difficult moments too. Especially on those on-the-go trips.

You may have tried/heard of most of these, but if not I hope they work for you as well as they do for us! Also, please share your tips below! I would LOVE to learn more!

  1. Be well prepared, planned and organized. You want to make sure you know where everything is, so when fussiness comes you can calm your child quickly and stress free.
  2. Bring snacks in separate containers and baggies. This keeps Esmaé preoccupied for a while because she loves to open containers and baggies to get her snacks. I try not to over fill the bags but put small snack handfuls in each. I love to give her snacks when she’s been in the stroller a while and wants out. Our favorites are: pretzels, puffs, gold fish, veggie sticks, apple slices and cheese sticks.
  3. Bring on the go 2-3 Crayons and a small note pad. This works wonders in restaurants that don’t cater to children.
  4. Boogle board. If you don’t already have this – then you must! I have 3! One in the house, one in the car and one in my diaper/baby bag!
  5. Ipad!!!! So I used to think I would be one of those moms who will not let my child use electronics, and then I had a child. Haha! But sometimes you just want eat a meal without getting interrupted for 5 minutes. I also like to let her play/watch it in that moment I’m at the register and she decides she’s over it. Its been a life saver. You can create a hotspot with your phone and connect to the internet from anywhere.
  6. Bring 1-2 of their favorite toys. I don’t like to bring too many incase you end up loosing something, which happens often.
  7. Take Breaks – when on the go, we like to take Esmaé out of the stroller and let her run around for a few minutes to let her burn some energy. That way by the time we need to sit down for a lunch or dinner, or if I want to visit a store for a little shopping trip she will sit relaxed in the stroller.
  8. Invest in a good travel stroller! This one is huge for me! because a good/sturdy/comfortable stroller makes your life easier. Its a place they can sit and eat, sleep and nap.
  9. Have on hand extra diapers, wipes and 1 set of clothes at all times. Because you never know.
  10. Water wipes! These are a must to clean up spills, wash hands and face, clean a surface, toys that have rolled on the ground etc.

Id love to hear your tips and tricks to keep your toddler busy ! Please share them below!


Thanks for stopping by!

Xo, Victoria



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    • I love the Mutsy stroller for travels and will be testing out the inglesina trilogy as a lightweight stroller when flying. But I must say that the Mutsy is amazing because of the one piece folding. Quick, and easy ! I have a blog post and review of that stroller a few posts ago.

  1. Great tips Victoria! Especially 1,3 and 7. Being organized and planning ahead can avoid so many stressful situations with little ones. And makes travel fun for them too! ^ ^

  2. Great tips for when mine is a toddler! Except they are actually relevant for my almost 3 mth old as well. My husband & I are big travellers but we haven’t done it yet with Gabrielle but are planning a small trip soon! Gotta get out there as soon as possible. We bought the Baby Zen stroller as it folds down once and heard it was great for travel but it’s from 6 mths so we’ll see!

    • Amazing! Your baby will do well! Also I heard the babyzen is amazing and I am actually going to be doing a review for them very soon! So stay tuned! That have a 0-6m kit and 6m +. Maybe something to look into if you need it 🙂 Happy Travels!

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